Responding to a crisis like a believer.

Mark 16:20 New King James Version (NKJV)
And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs. Amen.

Everywhere they went and preached the gospel the Lord was working with them to confirm their message. Signs, wonders and miracles should be accompanying us as we go out and preach the good news! We should not be chasing after them, but they should be following us. We should be seeing the supernatural power of God in manifestation in everyday life, not just at a Sunday service or a miracle outreach or a mission trip. We should be living in the power of God; we should be seeing sick people healed because we’re ministering to them. We should be seeing the same works that Jesus did and even greater works. And all we need to do is believe. We need to believe in Jesus and what He has done for us and how His finished work makes us 100% right with God, 100% of the time. We need to accept that our righteousness (right standing before God) never fluctuates, and when we realize that it will help us step out in boldness and in the confidence to see the miraculous power of God in manifestation.

The other Sunday after we left church, we were at a busy intersection coming off of the highway and turning into the main road just before our house. Right in front of us this lady skips a red traffic light and basically knocked a delivery guy off his scooter and this guy went flying! The impact caused his helmet to go flying off his head and one of his shoes, too. He landed face down in the middle of the road with a whole lot of debris from the scooter on top of him and all around him. As he hit the floor, he had a fit, and then someone ran and just drug him out of the road to the curb. Straightaway, I left the family in the car and I ran to go and see what we could do. It was a very busy intersection but one other lady and I stopped. She had a bit of medical training and she had called the ambulance but I was there to pray. The guy who got knocked off his scooter sat on the curb completely “out of it” not knowing who he was or where he was. He had blood pouring from his face, a swollen lip and he had a wound on his hand. It was quite bad and honestly, when I saw him at first I did not think he would make it.

I sat down in front of him, holding him still on the curb and looked at him in the eyes (he was not altogether there still and I think he was just running on adrenaline) and I said to him, “You’re going to live and not die; you will have nothing broken, everything is restored right now in the Name of Jesus.” I just boldly and confidently spoke to his body and commanded it to be made whole. His friend who he was following him on another motorcycle was behind me picking up debris in the road so that traffic could keep moving, and he very confidently said “Amen!” I had an agreement!

I just kept holding this guy, making sure he didn’t get up but also because the Bible says to lay hands on the sick and you’ll see them recover! So, as I was laying hands on Him I was praying in the spirit and Spoke like into Him. I believed that the power of God that’s in me was now flowing out of me towards him. I just kept saying to him that he didn’t have to worry and that everything would be ok, “You’re going to be OK, Jesus is making you well!” I attempted to witness to him and make sure he was born again, but he was not able to communicate properly from the trauma. Then, all of a sudden, he came to his senses and the way he was talking I realized this guy seems to be a believer! Then the paramedics came and checked him out. He stood up as though there was nothing wrong and no pain or damage. The ambulance took him to the hospital just to check him out and I contacted his employer later that day to check on him. They told me that he is 100% fine! Praise God!

You might be thinking, “Oh well, you know the accident wasn’t that bad.” But that’s because you didn’t see the accident. It was very bad. Marna and the boys were in the car watching praying for him the whole time, and I believe we saw a miraculous recovery! We should all be able to react in a crisis and see the power of God flow! This is for every believer! We should be able to speak to the problem (speak to the mountain) and tell it to move; tell it what to do. We need to have that kind of boldness and confidence to be able to live the normal Christian life. This is living as Jesus lived. What would Jesus do in a situation like this? Many Christians would have called for the funeral director because that’s what it looked like in that situation. But as believers, we have the authority to change bad situations. Jesus would have changed the situation. He would have worked a miracle. As believers, we need to rise up, realize what we’ve got inside of us and step out in boldness! We can see the miraculous power of God in manifestation! It will bless people, it will save people and it will cause people to look to Jesus and give Him glory! In moments of crisis, we should be responding like believers and then we will start to see the power of God intervene!

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