Are things working out for you?

oo often people use Deuteronomy 28 to bring condemnation on people. Well-intended ministers just pile on the to-do list! But Christ took the curse for us! Amen! The message of Jesus is good news that you do not have to strive to be good and right with God. Jesus came and made us right with God. If our gospel is not good news it is not gospel. Verse 16 continues, “Cursed shall thy be in the city, cursed shall thy be in the field, cursed shall be thy basket and thy store,” so now this is saying that it doesn’t matter how much you’ve got in your store, it is cursed. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got all the wealth of the world, it is cursed. This is why for some people things just keep going wrong. Verse 18, “cursed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy land”, this is quite depressing but I want to get through it, “The increase of thy kind, and the flocks of thy sheep, cursed shall thy be when thy comest in, and cursed shall thy be when thy goest out.” You know the first half talks about being sandwiched in the blessing, and the second half talks about being sandwiched in a curse. It’s terrible! Verse 20, “The Lord shall send upon thee cursing, vexations” which is confusion, destruction, trouble and rebuke. “Cursing upon all thou settest thy hand to do, until thou be destroyed.” So the blessing is that you can put your hand to anything and it prospers. When you put your hand to something does it prosper, or do things just seem to never work out for you? That’s a curse and it doesn't belong to you! God wants you to put your hands to things and see prosperity!

If you’re in the place where things don’t seem to be working out, then pray with me: “Father I thank You that You are good and that Jesus did what He did so I could be completely free from the curse, and any curse! I resist, rebuke and break the power of the enemy in my life and declare ‘thus far and no further!’ I am blessed. I am prosperous. Everything I put my hand to is prosperous because I am a child of the most High God and He lives in me! I speak life and prosperity over my life in every area, in the Name of Jesus!”

So we have said, ‘…until though perish quickly,” not just perish slowly, “because of the wickedness of thy doings” this is a nice one, “The Lord shall make the pestilence cleave unto thee, until He has consumed thee from off the land – where you go to possess it. The Lord shall smite thee with a consumption.” Consumption refers to a progressive wasting away of the body. Something that causes you to waste away is not God. It is a curse. And then it goes on to say, “with an inflammation, (redness, heat, pain) with an extreme burning, with a sword, with blasting (blasting is sudden, violent winds – talking about nature not your stomach!) It goes on to say, “and with mildew…” (this is any kind of fungi, usually grows on plants or any organic materials. It also refers to mould in your house from dampness. I have heard many testimonies of people rebuking the mould in the homes and it goes away!)

We have been redeemed from all of those curses! If you've identified anything in your life, along those lines as being a curse in your life I have good news for you: it is not for you. Don’t except the devil’s unhandy-work in your life. Don’t just accept things as normal, when God’s Word shows us that we have been redeemed from perishing (John 3:16)!


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