Get “Rooted” and start flourishing as you get established in the truth of God’s Word. 

Good fruit (and a healthy tree) starts with a good, healthy root system. If we take time to ensure that our roots are healthy – that we have a good foundation in our lives – it will help to cultivate a stable life that bears good fruit like peace, joy, courage, healthy relationships and wisdom. A tree is known by its fruit, and likewise we are known by our fruit (Matthew 12:33). Good fruit is not an accident and it’s not a spiritual gift either. Rather it’s the result of a good, strong foundation. 

“Rooted” contains 21 discipleship lessons aimed at establishing the you in the essential truths of grace. The topics range from “Relationship with God” to “The Benefits of Salvation”, “The True Nature of God”, and “The Power of the Word.” This is a great discipleship tool for new believers in Christ, but will also refresh and challenge those who have been believers for a number of years. Each lesson contains questions for personal or group study and reflection. 

BONUS: at the end of the book we have included our very popular “Sovereignty of God Study Guide” which has liberated many people to enjoy an even deeper relationship with God.
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