Safety in the Storm

We live in troubled times but we do not have to be troubled! When we’re established in the unshakable fortress of God’s love and goodness we can live unshaken in world that’s shaken. 

I want to encourage you in your faith! Below is my YouTube playlist of videos dealing with the Corona-chaos. Each video is about 9 minutes long, and I am uploading new videos every day! (These videos are also on my Facebook page.)

AND HERE’S A FREE BOOK FOR YOU!! I have just finished putting this book together to encourage you and help you build your faith so you can overcome all the chaos that is going on in our world, right now. Please download the PDF book as my gift to you and be sure to send it to everyone you know! Let’s use this opportunity to encourage people with the good news of Jesus! 

Much love to you! 


PS… The great thing about an electronic version is that together we can certainly reach more people with an electronic version of the book than through a few printed copies. However, I am sure that many of you are like me in that you prefer a hard copy of a book and so I wanted to let you know that the print version of this book will be available soon.