Indicators of faith – part 2: PEACE!

Having a heart at rest and full of peace is evidence that we are in faith and are trusting in God. Peace doesn’t just fall upon you unexpectedly; it is the result or fruit of faith.


Hebrews 4:3 Amplified Bible (AMP)
“3 For we who believe [that is, we who personally trust and confidently rely on God] enter that rest [so we have His inner peace now because we are confident in our salvation, and assured of His power]…”


Hebrews 4:6 Amplified Bible (AMP)
“6 Therefore, since the promise remains for some to enter His rest, and those who formerly had the good news preached to them failed to [grasp it and did not] enter because of [their unbelief evidenced by] disobedience.”


Faith in God and His promises will cause you to experience a deep inner peace. Faith will lead to peace because you’re no longer worrying but trusting! You know that God is your provider and that His Word is true. Unbelief prevents us from enjoying rest and peace. If you are worrying you are not in faith. Worry is the absence of peace and is an indicator that you are not in faith.


Unbelief is the result of focusing on your circumstances and your ability or lack thereof concerning your circumstances. We can live in a place of peace and rest by focusing on God and His Word which will give place to faith in our hearts.


Isaiah 26:3 New King James Version (NKJV)
“3 You will keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on You,
Because he trusts in You.”


Perfect peace is something that everyone desires, and many people are seeking. People pay lots of money to try get peace from holidays, beauty treatments, yoga, pills and other means. Many Christians are praying for God to give them peace as if it’s something that drops out of the sky on top of them. Peace is a natural by-product of trusting in God (faith) because you’ve set your mind on Him and His promises. When you choose to dwell on and meditate on the promises of God instead of your problems you will experience peace even if all hell is breaking loose. Peace isn’t the absence of problems; it is being secure amidst turmoil because you have an anchor which is rooted beyond the natural circumstances. The absence of peace is the indicator of a heart and mind which is not trusting God.


Do you want to experience perfect peace? Then fill your mind with God’s Word and focus your attention on Him. Faith will start to be active in your heart and you will experience supernatural peace as a by-product.

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  1. David Reply

    Well written Shayno!

    “We can live in a place of peace and rest by focusing on God and His Word which will give place to faith in our hearts.”

    I just see this picture of the world and all it’s distractions, turning down in volume, fading in colour and becoming blurry in sight, as we focus more and more on Jesus! The bright, colourful light in the center of our focus!

    Thank you for sharing and have a great day.

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